Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surprise! Mario Kart coming to Wii U

In the first official mention of Mario Kart for Nintendo upcoming new console, Wii U, Mario Kart producer Hideki Konno confirmed to Nintendo Power that Mario Kart is coming to Wii U.

“I can’t get into the specifics, but I do want to create a new and enjoyable Mario Kart that uses the unique functions of the Wii U. Anything beyond that I have to keep secret. Please bear with me for now,” said Konno.

Could Nintendo go with the same graphic style they
used on Mario Kart Arcade? One could hope.
Konno was also asked whether or not non-Mario characters would be included this time around but replied, “No, we’ve never seriously considered that.” He did confirm that the game will be coming to the platform with some “unique functions,” but refused to elaborate. One could predict though, Wii U new controller’s gyroscopic controls and touch screen would play key roles.

For now he asked that fans be patient until Nintendo has more to reveal on the game. Based on our own analysis, we predict that Mario Kart for Wii U would be the console’s main launch title since Nintendo’s comments on their other big franchises reveal they won’t be ready for launch. Nintendo has done very little in the series to update Mario Kart’s gameplay with each new release and if they again choose this same mentality, they could fast-track Mario Kart for Wii U by launch.  -TNGG

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