Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sony begins Playstation 4 game development

Sony hasn’t officially announced the Playstation 4 yet. One could guess games are in the planning stages and there may be a few within Sony being developed on preliminary dev kits.  According to Develop, that is now transpiring.

The web site cites “trusted sources connected to the matter” that various game projects are in very early stages, though didn’t reveal which of Sony’s 16 first-party studios have begun work.

If this report is true, then it’s highly unlikely Sony will make a surprise 2012 reveal of their next home console like many are predicting. DigiTimes in July named Taiwanese component makers as its source of a rumor stating Sony was readying their next generation system for late 2012 and that it would include body motion controls similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. It’s well known that Sony wants to learn from their mistakes they made with PS3 launch and have a new console ready at the same time as Microsoft.

Many execs at Sony hoped their Move peripheral would prolong PS3’s lifespan, but average sales numbers and consumer disinterest in the device doesn’t look like it will have much positive effect in the long run.     

As we previously reported, the reveal of Nintendo’s Wii U at E3 this year put pressure on Sony and Microsoft to speed up the timetable for their next generation of consoles. Numbers don’t lie and Sony is well aware of their 3rd place status. Despite having the most powerful and robust architecture, mainstream gamers went for Nintendo’s Wii and the hardcore crowd bought Microsoft’s offering. Being first to the marketplace with the Xbox 360 paid off big for Microsoft and you can be sure Sony took notice. -TNGG

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