Monday, November 14, 2011

Next Xbox reveal at CES with a late 2012 launch?

It’s another day and another rumor launch date for the next Xbox. The latest guess now states Microsoft will reveal their new console at Consumer Electronics Show in January, with a late 2012 launch.

During an episode of Windows Weekly, tech journalist Paul Thurrott claimed Microsoft will use CES as the launching point for their next console, which will integrate extensively with Windows 8 and Windows Phone.
"What I'm hearing is the console is going to come out for holidays next year, meaning that they would almost have to announce this at CES, wouldn't they,” Thurrott said.
He added they might replicate what Apple was been doing for years and integrate all of Microsoft products and assists so that they can talk and work together. “Which is a problem with the current Xbox,” Thurrott said.
A few weeks ago multiple industrial sources, including chip manufacturers and middleware firms suggested Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox at E3 2013, with a late 2013 as the targeted launch timeframe. Other reports stated that first and second party developers are just beginning development on next gen titles and are at least two years out.
There are a few other flaws in Thurrott theory on a 2012 launch. First, Xbox 360 just has too many good games still coming out next year for Microsoft to rush a new console onto the market. Generally game companies release a new console when the current one’s game output begins to dwindle and sales trail off. This just won’t be the case in 2012.
Second, CES isn’t a show to reveal a new game console. Unless the next Xbox has some crazy new revolutionary tech in it, CES would be the wrong show to reveal it. E3 is the premier game trade show put on by game companies. They would want to reveal a new console on their terms and in the biggest spotlight possible. The three big game companies also take big pride in outdoing each other during the show and a new console reveal is the best way to do that.
With CES just two months away, we’ll see if Thurrott is correct. -TNGG

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