Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bleszinski : Xbox hardware still has more to offer

Xbox 360 is six years old. Traditionally that is when a console begins to show its age. By that time, developers have figured out how to maximize a console’s power and push the hardware to its limits. Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski believes Xbox 360 still has a lot more to offer that developers have yet to fully capitalize on.

"It's just a matter of code magic, time and effort. I don't know how much longer the 360 will be around, but I'm sure that if we have a product coming out before the end of [its] lifecycle we'll continue to try and squeeze more water from that stone," Bleszinski told Edge.
"With creative programming you can squeeze anything out of any given platform," he said. "Go back to the demo scene where these guys would take a 286 PC and in 38k make a demo that rivaled the most triple-A game of the time.

He also mentioned the issues that came up during the development of Gears of War 3’s many impressive set pieces in the game. Instead of taking the easy and fast route of relying on more hardware power to accomplish their goals, they employed more creative tricks to work around technological shortcomings of the aging hardware.
"We're now at the point where it's not learning how to use the hardware, it's learning to trick the hardware into doing what you want it to do," he explained. "The first thing I was ecstatic about was the new lighting…we're at the point where an artist can just let the lighting breathe, a nice brick wall can just be a nice brick wall; it doesn't need 8000 pipes layered on it."
Epic hasn’t revealed their post Gears 3’s plans yet. Based on Bleszinski’s comments, it appears they might have a surprise game in the works. Epic has been making their next generation graphic engine known over the last few months and hinting at an early 2014 release. -TNGG

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