Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Will there be a generational Xbox overlap?

Microsoft has yet to officially announce their next generation Xbox, but Microsoft Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Chris Lewis doesn’t rule out the possibility of two Xboxes on the market at the same time.

“Well, we think we're more than halfway through but given we are still growing, we think we're at a healthy part in the life cycle still because we've pumped this adrenaline into the arm of the business with Kinect and the scope and scale of what that means for publishers and developers I think is huge...,” said Lewis. “So we think we're a little over halfway with the life cycle of the console, but that’s not to say there won’t be an overlap…”

After Microsoft released the Xbox 360 they all but pulled support for their original console and put all their resources into the 360’s development. Things may be different this time around though. The Xbox 360 is in a better place than the original at this point into its lifecycle. There are also many in the industry that wants Microsoft and Sony to hold off with their next gen plans until the economy rebounds and the current generation begins to wear out its welcome; neither of which has happened yet. So, it makes since this time out of an Xbox overlap.

“[An Xbox overlap] could possibly be the case. I'm not going to announce specifically or talk about timing. But you could imagine there could be overlap, it depends. We’re not being specific about the next generation at this stage. We're very fixated on what we're doing right now and the success we're enjoying,” Lewis added.

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