Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wii U hardware experiencing ‘development hell’

Nintendo is reportedly having difficulties getting Wii U hardware working smoothly, requiring daily software updates, which is causing headaches for 3rd party developers.

01Net reports that developers are using "tethers" to ensure serviceable communication between the Wii U and its controller and having to break daily for new software updates.

The unnamed develop studio reporting their issues with the hardware adds that it’s highly unlikely Nintendo will make its spring launch and a late September launch is much more likely.

Past reports have hinted at Nintendo trying to fast-track Wii U development aiming at getting a new console to the market as quickly as possible to compensate for a sharp decline in Wii sales over the past year.

The report also said that Nintendo may be its own worst enemy because of its desire to keep costs down, the main chipset in Wii U may be "a tad too cheap." The report maintains that Nintendo "rushed" the Wii U architecture "through the door with undesirable consequences."

It’s not unusual to hear reports of issues at this stage of development. Every hardware manufacture goes through similar struggles to launch new technology and work out the kinks. Hopefully at this point Nintendo learned from their mistake rushing the 3DS to the market earlier this year and will launch Wii U when the hardware issues are fixed and there is an adequate amount of software.

Although the report should be considered rumor at this point, 01Net has proven itself most recently reporting the Nintendo 3DS second analog add-on before Nintendo officially confirmed it.


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