Monday, August 1, 2011

"Too Many ideas" for Super Mario Wii U

Mario has always been the jack of all trades, but according to Super Mario 3D Land director, he has too many new trades for Mario in his next adventure on Wii U to fit in just one game. Yoshiaki Koizumi has been speedily brainstorming new ideas for everyone’s favorite plumber and has begun to narrow them down.

"As it turns out, I have too many ideas at the moment for Mario games on Wii U," Koizumi told ONM. "I'm going to have to start narrowing them down and thinking about which ideas might work well together so that the whole system will be an enjoyable experience rather than a hodgepodge of ideas."

If the game is still at the designing stages and abilities are still being worked out, Mario fans have at least two more years before they see their favorite mascot on Nintendo’s new console.

Super Mario 3D Land is expected out this December on 3DS.

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