Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No MotionPlus for Wii U’s Zelda

Zelda mastermind Eiji Aonuma revealed more details for the next Zelda on Wii U, including Nintendo’s decision to abandon Skyward Sword’s Wii remote MotionPlus gameplay.

"With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, we had the Nunchuck and Wii Remote sort of stand in for the sword and shield that Link carried," said Aonuma to Nintendo Power. "But in a game for the Wii U, I can definitely see something like the controller itself becoming the different items that Link is using, allowing you to interact with the game world and with the game items in a very different way."

Wii U's Zelda E3 2011 demo
As with the DS and 3DS, Wii U’s touch screen controller seems like a perfect fit for item management in Zelda games. At-the-same-time, pointing the Wii remote at the screen to pick an item also seems intuitive.  
"Imagine having the contents of Link's satchel available to you on the screen of your controller," says Aonuma. Each item could then "use elements of the pouch to interact with gameplay on the television."

Gamers will know on November 20 if one-to-one sword fighting in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword truly revolutionizes the series or merely feels like a gimmick. It’s not a great sign if Nintendo is already talking about removing it before the game even comes out. On-the-other-hand, if Skyward Sword does feature the franchises best gameplay, it will make for a confusing message when Nintendo wants to put its emphasis on Wii U’s new features.


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