Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wii U: No Blu-ray support

File under no-duh.
Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed to Games Trailers, Wii U would not support Blu-ray in any form.

After this past June’s E3, Nintendo revealed the Wii U to use “proprietary high-density 25 GB capacity optical discs” (HD DVD anyone?). There was still hope that Nintendo would have a change of heart or that the system could support a Blu-ray added-on for movie playback. With games getting larger and larger in each new generation of consoles and Nintendo going the full HD route with the Wii U, there was hope within the game industry that Nintendo would go with a larger format.

It’s expected that Microsoft will also go along with Nintendo and forgo the Blu-ray route for their next Xbox. With two out of three major console manufacture snubbing Sony’s disc format, game developers will have to plan for the small capacity format, diminishing any advantage Sony would have gained with Blu-ray.
Nintendo has never put a priority on movie playback on their systems besides the Japan-only, Panasonic branded Gamecube released in 2001. Always looking to keep costs down, it was also highly unlikely Nintendo would pay Sony for Blu-ray royalties.

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