Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PS4 with “Kinect” style controls bound for 2012?

Sony is readying their next generation system for late 2012, says DigiTimes. The tech site names Taiwanese component makers as its source and adds that the console will include body motion controls similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.

Sony joined the motion control bandwagon last September with the release of their Playstation Move, which has yet to catch on with gamers. Including the new motion control feature within the system doesn’t come as a huge surprise after the success Microsoft has had with their controller-less Kinect add-on.

The report also states, current PS3 manufactures, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will again assemble the new console for Sony. They said Sony is targeting the end of 2011 to begin production of the system and plan to have 20 million ready for a late 2012 launch.

As we previously reported, the reveal of Nintendo’s Wii U at E3 last month has put pressure on Sony and Microsoft to speed up the timetable for their next generation of consoles. Numbers don’t lie and Sony is well aware of their 3rd place status. Despite having the most powerful and robust architecture, mainstream gamers went for Nintendo’s Wii and the hardcore crowd bought Microsoft’s offering. Being first to the marketplace with the Xbox 360 paid off big for Microsoft and you can be sure Sony took notice. -TNGG

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