Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nintendo pulled Wii U E3 demos last minute, showed 360/PS3 versions

Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime admitted that their E3 highlight reel of 3rd party titles for Wii U used footage from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. In an interview with GameTrailers, he added that Wii U games will look at least as good as their PS3/360 counterparts, which is why in the company’s opinion it's was fine to show the games being played on the competition's current-gen hardware.

According to Hit Detection’s report, Nintendo axed demos made specifically for the Wii U at E3 because they would fail to impress in their current state. The games consultancy group’s report claims that external developers had created Wii U demos with underclocked dev kits for Nintendo’s press conference, but “due to titles not looking much better than what is currently available on Xbox 360 and the PS3, Nintendo decided late in the game to not show those titles and focus instead on tech demos.”
Nintendo's E3 2011 Wii U Sizzle Reel

Developers were working hard to finalize demos for the big industrial trade show, but at the last minute Nintendo pulled the plug. Games using the current Unreal Engine were meant to make an appearance on the Wii U but ultimately failed to impress Nintendo and the company feared bad press. THQ said they had a working demo of Darksiders 2 running on development hardware ready for the show but didn’t get the green light.
Nintendo maintains the line that hardware specifics for the console are yet to be finalized, which accounted to the less-than-stellar demos. -TNGG

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