Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Mario Wii U" in the works

The next big Mario adventure is already in development for Wii U, according to the game’s producer. The game is early on in its development cycle and promises to take full advantage of Wii U’s new bells and whistles.

"We're always asking ourselves questions like this as we're researching new games, about the opportunities presented by the hardware," said Mario producer, Yoshiaki Koizuma to Wired magazine. "When I think about the two screens being used at the same time, it seems like an interesting opportunity to allow us to create a console game where two people are playing at the same time but can't see each other's screens. It's certainly an interesting approach, but I have to clarify that it's not something that we're working on just yet."
These statements should all but confirm that it is highly unlikely that a new console version of Mario will make the Wii 2 launch. Mario hasn’t made a console launch since Nintendo 64’s launch in 1996. -TNGG

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