Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Name 3rd party developers “blown away” by Wii U

Let the courting begin.

Hoping to learn from the past, Nintendo’s new hardware is geared toward fixing common complaints against their previous consoles and working on 3rd party developer relationships. So far developers say they’re intrigued.

It looks more likely that Valve could develop for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console based on comments by the company’s president and co-founder.
Wii U “seems to be a lot more powerful than the previous generation, said Valve president Gabe Newell, to Joystiq.  He added that it fits very well with his company’s own “scalability model.” At the Games for Change festival he also stressed his “love” for Nintendo’s brand.
This could be great news to Nintendo gamers who missed out on Valve’s Left for Dead and Portal franchises this generation. This could also mean gamers will be playing Half Life 2: Episode 3 on Wii U in the future.

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein also via his Twitter account mentions the possible relationship between Valve, Nintendo and even Epic.
“Valve likes the Wii U – the idea of having full Steam support on Wii U excites me quite a bit! Valve rocks!”
Although the idea of Steam on Wii U is a peculiar comment, simply having the V.P. of Epic Games chiming in on Wii U news in a positive light might even be more peculiar. Could this also mean Epic may have a budding interest in Nintendo’s next console?
Rein also told Joystiq after Nintendo’s E3 reveal of the console, “…It’s a very impressive system and I think it’s going do quite well.” When asked about seeing the Unreal Engine 3 running on the new system he replied, “If Nintendo made a system that could run our engine, we’d be on it like water on fish.”
Capcom has long been a loyal Nintendo developer who helped keep the Gamecube afloat during its troubled times with a host of exclusive title, most noticeably Resident Evil 4.  Masachika Kawata, who over sees Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise recently commented on Wii U.
“…For me personally, I’d love to [develop a Resident Evil title for Wii U]. It’s very, very interesting piece of hardware,” Kawata said to CVG. “As a game designer, when I see Wii U, my first thoughts are: ‘oh wow, I could do this or that, or what would happen if I try to make a game like X, Y or Z.’ My motivation goes through the roof and I want to try a lot of interesting new things. Nothing’s been decided specifically for Resident Evil but it certainly would be interesting.”
Ken Levine of Irrational Games (Bioshock) has made a few comments after seeing the Wii U demos at E3 this year.
“I was surprised quite frankly because it seemed that there were a lot of gamers and a lot of creative directors who were saying: ‘this is what we want.’ It seems like Nintendo heard the voices of the hardcore gamer,” said Levine in a developer reaction video at E3. “When any new tech comes along you have a period of experimentation. I’m certainly excited about it as a gamer and seeing what’s going to come out.”
Although he didn’t confirm Bioshock: Infinite for Wii U, it could be a possibility based on his like for the hardware. When asked directly what he thought of the Wii U Levine declared to CVG, it’s “pretty f***ing cool.”
The always reliable EA also took a liking to the Wii U and declared they will have games ready for launch. Speaking with, EA’s Frank Gibeau, manager of EA Games label, spoke highly of Nintendo’s  Wii U.
“We were really blown away by the unique innovation that Nintendo brings with the Wii U controller on a high performance machine,” said Gibeau. “The ability to do HD graphics and access game experiences in a completely novel way and a way that’s never been seen before, it really struck our fancy. We were excited by what Nintendo presented to us, we thought about it and it fits well with what we’re trying to do with our franchises like FIFA and Madden and Battlefield. There’s great horsepower there, great innovation and Nintendo’s got fantastic branding. We’re platform agnostic as a company so if we find something we believe will have success commercially and critically, and has a business model that works for us, we’re in.”
It looks like Nintendo is starting out right with their new system. Stay tuned for more comments from the development community regarding Wii U.

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